Edward E. Stevens

President & CEO

Edward E. Stevens

President of International Preterist Association (IPA)

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IPA Website Resources: There are about a 100 different preterist titles on our book and media list, available for order on the IPA website store. Also archived on the website is a series of free podcasts on intertestamental and first-century history.

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Personal Information

Edward E. Stevens is a long-time full preterist (since 1975). Founder and president of International Preterist Association (IPA), an organization devoted to teaching the past fulfillment of Bible Prophecy all over the world through its books, media, and website. Raised on a Texas wheat farm by a Baptist mother and Methodist father. Grew up in the Baptist church, then switched to the Church of Christ denomination in college. After seminary he adopted Reformed theology where he has remained for over 35 years. Unswervingly committed to the conservative evangelical fundamentals of the Christian faith, including Young Earth Creationism and Global Flood. Ed and his wife Beth reside in Bradford, Pennsylvania, and have two grown daughters (Rachel and Leah), one son (James), and five grandchildren.


Graduate of Sunset School of Preaching, a Church of Christ seminary and school of missions in Lubbock, Texas (1975). Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York (1978). Three semesters of New Testament Greek at Houghton College (2002-2005). Three week research trip to the Near East (Turkey, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt) in 2016. Master of Biblical Studies (MBS) degree from Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) in Lubbock, Texas (2018). Master’s thesis: New Testament Canon Complete by A.D. 70.

Preaching, Teaching, and Debating

Preached nine years in Church of Christ congregations (1975-1984). Director of the North East Ohio Bible Institute (leadership training) in Ashtabula, Ohio (1980-1982). Pastor of Reformed Christian Fellowship in Groveland NY (1996-1998). Spoke at preterist retreats and seminars in 15 different USA states, plus Vancouver BC Canada. Interviewed numerous times on Arthur Melanson’s preterist radio program (The Joy of the Lord). Defended preterism in two public oral debates (versus Olan Hicks, and two partial prets), plus three written debates (Joseph Balyeat, Ken Gentry, and Don Preston). Three scholarly paper presentations at regional and national meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Writing and Publishing

Author of nine books, What Happened In AD 70? (introduction to the preterist view), Who Do You Say I Am? (defense of the Deity of Christ against Unitarianism), Stevens Response To Gentry (written debate on preterist eschatology), Questions About The Afterlife (response to Gary DeMar’s five questions about the Resurrection), Expectations Demand a First Century Rapture, First Century Events in Chronological Order, Final Decade Before the End, and Matthew 16:27-28 – “some of those standing here”, including his Master’s thesis: New Testament Canon Complete by A.D. 70, plus hundreds of articles for general distribution and Fulfilled! magazine. Reprinted three times J. Stuart Russell’s 600-page classic work on preterist eschatology entitled, The Parousia. Publisher of other books on preterist eschatology written by William Bell, Ken Davies, Dan Harden, Ian Harding, Tim James, Ron McRay, Arthur Melanson, Jessie Mills, John Noe, Randall Otto, and Al Pigeon. Writes a regular column for the Fulfilled! preterist magazine. Involved in a major written debate (CBV versus IBV) with Don Preston.

Promoting Preterism

Stevens has set up a preterist exhibit booth at the last 22 consecutive annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society (beginning in 1999), where over 2500 scholars and theologians gather every year to present their latest research. Also exhibited three times at the huge international Christian Booksellers Association expo (New Orleans, Atlanta, Anaheim). Other exhibit booths and book tables were set up at seminars in 17 different USA states, plus Vancouver, BC Canada. Sponsor for other preterist seminars in at least eight different USA states.